Business Digital (BD)

Technology plays a vital role and it can make miracles for those who deploys and leverages Smartly. Larger stakeholders understands. such infusion of technology platforms into business world is often referred as Digital Transformation. Siddhan believes it should be named as Business Digital (BD) Transformation not digital alone. Any business if it is not transforming – on an on-going basis – may soon become irrelevant.


Artificial Engine (AI) can assist the counter agents to take decision instead of depending on his manager. Finance professionals can consult AI Engines for the options of decision available to cross-measure from live ML assisted data quality to improve the hygienic factor on their decisions. Robots can help the check-in agents to collect the larger bags instead of making agents to handle all alone. In simple, Robots and Check-in Agents in airports can work seamless. Asset utilisation and profit maximisation can be handed over to the right technology platforms to ‘assess and assign basis’ to achieve the business objectives.

Work force management can be completely managed by the AI engines instead of making human to sweat it out. Complete traffic control may be handed over to the AI-Driven Robotics systems instead of still taking decisions manually for the exigencies. IoT and AI can always jump to assist the citizen-centric services. What is needed is the ‘will’ and ‘tools’.

Siddhan brings Both. Please call us for a detailed study and submission of Business Digital Roadmap for your organisation in order for you to stay ahead. Our consultants are worked with Fortune 500 Companies. And Delivered.

Siddhan’s Business Digital Framework brings consistent changes, consistent outcome and it can meet the stakeholders expectation, consistently. Call us for a detailed discussion.



Siddhan does the Management Consulting with a difference. Any strategy needs high focus, quick and agile execution. Despite of having a great strategy, the team don’t deliver due to the lack of digital execution plan. Today in order to make the strategy successful, you need the execution plan fitted with 100% digital muscle. The ecosystem of your business units has to be pointed to run in the path of new strategy.

Our industry team, having its global connectivity with industry and digital technology partners, aware of the practical challenges and the fitting responses to address those challenges. Engage our Management consulting team. We will step to assist you realise your dreams.

Siddhan DevOps
Framework (S-DOF)

Siddhan believes there cannot be different mindset or approach while managing any business solution. Industry practiced in the past – divided the team – as Solution Development Team and Solution Maintenance Team. None can afford such luxury today. S-DOF committed to bring the cross-functional team together, as the way the technology team came together – to become a single team to run the business – under DevOps Umbrella.


Siddhan DevOps Framework (S-DOF) makes the team as a single unit to develop, test, deliver and maintain the business applications / Products / Solutions. It helps to get the team to focus and enjoy the flexibility on any project.

Increased communication and collaboration make it easy to implement changes without losing sight of the project objective.

It also tends to promote a culture of trust between all parties involved. it easier to experiment with new ideas and apply new methodologies that could yield better results using S-DOF. Just ask our DevOps experts in Siddhan they will narrate the world of success. S-DOF provides

S-DOF is highly curated framework where we bring the time-tested products tailored for the organisation’s maturity and willingness to achieve the desired results at par with rules set on conventional DevOps.



Today, we cannot afford the gap between business team and the IT Enablers. Siddhan uses Agile Assurance framework to have better collaboration, quality, delivering working solution to our clients. No theory. Because agile is a practice for us and it is in our DNA. Lots of time and money is saved using Agile Assurance.

Siddhan, being a start-up company we ensure the employees are 100% Agile-ready, Agile-oriented and Agile- conversant on Agile Assurance framework that delivered working solution for the clients, every time.

To enable agile development and continuous delivery, Siddhan uses a stable and function-rich platform. Our Agile Assurance environment where teams can use open tools that support development, deployment, and operations tasks with complete expectation of the client IT teams and business owners.

Agile Assurance benefits the team on better collaboration, incremental delivery, early detection on challenges and the avoiding unnecessary work.