Smart Feedback

Next Generation feedback system, now

Smart Feedback ('SF') is an excellent product for the industry to receive and assess the customer's feedback through various channels


Collaborates, Collates feedbacks from every possible channels

Choose the channel. Plugin. We will get you the perceptions around your services and products on that channel. Unstructed data will be curated, subjected for its authenticity. Extraction starts and will reflect with meaningful data for our references.

Customer Sentiment Analysis, Market Bucket Analysis

Purified still unadulterated data will be subjected to industry recommended process using our in-built tool. Affinity Analysis, Customer Sentiments, or Market Basket analysis based reports generated. So you are assured of the industry-standard process used for the data reflection.

Tracks and reports on 24 x 7 x 365 days and on Cloud Platform

Smart Feedback offers built with an attitude of perseverance. It doesn’t satisfy with stand-alone inputs. It is watchful on 365 days basis. So, your customer will always have your best attention.

Applicable to all industries

We built-it with the domain flavor though the product has standards. We consult with Domain libraries against each plug-in associated with the market it concentrates. So, you assured on what you see would be the heart of your customers, always.

Product infused with IoT, Data Science components with strong Analytical Engine

Wanted to commission IoT enabled feedback systems ? or Stuck with TBs of customer data but don’t know what to do ? Give us, and we will give you the recommendation on what your organization needed

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