Our Leadership Team

Baskar Rengaiyan

Baskar Rengaiyan

Founder & CEO

27+ Years in Software Industry, served as CIO twice and Global Leadership role for Travel & Transportation. Honorary advisor to one of the world’s largest airport. Created Product IPs and hosted successfully for the Travel & Transportation Industry. Active Member of Smart cites initiatives for few Asian countries. Delivered successful digital transformation for Top 30 Airlines, Logistics, Car Rental companies across the globe.

Baskar Rengaiyan

Alok Upadhyay

Co-founder & Director

Alok Upadhyay is a Lean & Agile Coach, Behavioral Counsellor & Leadership Trainer. He is a passionate Consultant with years of hands-on experience with large scale product development, implementing SAFe and helping organizations be Agile at scale.

Alok helps mobilizing enterprises, leaders significantly improve their ability to respond and adapt quickly to changing market conditions. He coaches senior leaders with strategic and structural changes, by making them focus on real value, and gets hands-on when coaching team members.